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Brrr, it's cold outside!

Brrr, it's cold outside!

Did you all have a festive Christmas and a cheery New Year? We certainly did!

But now, it's January, it's cold, dark and windy outside, you've spent all your money on the holiday period and you're probably doing dry January too. But don't fear! We've still got plenty to tickle your fancy.

January of course means sales, and we're not one to miss out! We've got sales on every week until the end of the month:

  • Mon 6th - Fri 10th: All wines sold by the glass now available at house wine price (when bought by the bottle)
  • Mon 13th - Fri 17th: Two cocktails for £9 (when buying the same cocktail)
  • Mon 20th - Fri 24: Three courses for the price of two
  • Mon 27th - Thurs 30th: All sales offers on all week!

Then, on the 30th January we're having a Chinese New Year party. Get in on the action with a £1 luck dip where you can win up to £50 in vouchers!

As usual make sure you check out the sports we've got on, live music Thursdays and Fridays, then DJs Friday nights and Saturdays. Currently showing the Spanish football Liga and the Six nations rugby begins next month. Wow!

North Jan

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

So we could make some cheesey joke about how we're called the North and in Game of Thrones they're always making reference to how "winter is coming" to the North, but well, winter is already here. Instead, it's Christmas that's coming. At just over two weeks away, there really isn't much time left until it's already here!

So here's some Christmas advice from the Clapham North this year:

1. Take part in our Adventure Calender competition. Every day at 4pm and 8pm (or 1pm and 8pm Sat & Sun) check us out on Facebook and Twitter (links above in the top right corner) to take part in the competition. It's really simple. We give you a daily challenge or question from what the names of the Three Kings were to bringing us a sprig of mistletoe. In return, one lucky winner each day can win a range of prizes from a free round of drinks to a bottle of prosecco or a voucher for Four o Nine restaurant. And what's the catch? Well, we just want to spread the Christmas spirit!

2. If you're the type that likes to spend Christmas out on the town, you'll find that much of Clapham, London, England and well, Europe more generally, will be closed. But don't fear, we'll be open late, we'll be partying and we won't charge you anything to get in! So for all the orphans, the antipodeans away from the family and all you party people, let us take care of you this Christmas.



Welcome to Clapham North, all change please, all change.

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at the North – the venue’s had a facelift, we’ve got a new website, new menu, new acts and special Thursday Night Live events, TFI Fridays and Sunday Surgery. But underneath it all, it’s still the same Clapham North spirit that you know and love.

So what’s new exactly? The pub has had some major refurbishment works (as you can tell the minute you walk in the place). We have a new raised dining area, beautiful exposed brickwork, retro film posters, a drawing of Tom Salek, an infographic of a cow, wooden geese, a creepy statue – which we’re still trying to name – and a big new toilet sign so you’ll all be able to find your way there with ease. The paintwork is new and as you go through the archway into the back the entertainment has been improved with a nice stage and more lounge-style seating.

We have a brand-spanking new menu to fit the season and the theme of the pub. More sharers, better burgers and good hearty winter food; winter is coming after all. Speaking of winter food, we have our new “Host a Roast”. Host a Roast is a great way to have that authentic Sunday lunch experience where you get presented with a whole beef joint or a whole roast chicken that you get to carve yourself complete with a proper carving knife, chef’s hat and apron. And you don’t even have to do the washing up!

To go with our new stage we’ve introduced two new nights of entertainment: Thursday Night Live and TFI Friday, you can guess what the F stands for. Thursday Night Live consists of a monthly line up of interactive music. On the first Thursday of the month we have Rocky-oke – Jaelee and the Black Hats act as the Karaoke juke box and you get up on stage to sing some rocking songs. The second Thursday of the month is our House Party where the Full House Band come in and entertain you with some acoustic sounds. For the third Thursday of the month it’s open-mic night, so if you’re feeling adventurous, if you’re a budding musician trying to get spotted or if you’re just a bit drunk with your mates then the spotlight is yours! Then on the last Thursday of the month The Soulshine Band take the stage… and your song requests – you want it, they sing it.

Fridays at the North are now TFI Fridays with live music from 9:00pm and a DJ from midnight until close. Keep your eyes out for our TFIF vouchers that get you a free drink. Finally, you’ll finish the weekend with our Sunday Surgery: roast dinners abound, the best Bloody Mary in Clapham, pub quiz at 8:00pm with our revered quiz master or just plenty of space to chill out and recover from that hangover.

Plus it’s the start of Movember, so get your moustaches ready. Join our team here to raise awareness to change the face of men’s health

Cheers my luvvers!

A decidedly British summer

It’s been nearly a month now since we last updated and boy what a month it’s been! Scorching hot weather, Murray winning the Wimbledon Men’s Singles, the Anniversary Games to celebrate a year since the Olympics, musical bingo, new cocktails… Too much to mention!


With British summer being marvellously un-British and lasting more than a week we’re all feeling sporty. What better way to enjoy the weather than to be out in the sun playing hurling, engaging in some sumo wrestling or playing conkers? No? Just me? Alternatively we have a great month ahead of us of sports on TV. The Ashes are still on and really heating up. Big blow to Australia as Robson and Hain – two rising stars in Australian cricket – decide they both want to play for England. The football season starts soon with the Charity Shield (Man U vs. Wigan) on Sunday the 11th!

It’s not all sport though of course! It’s Indeedy Musical Bingo time soon on the 21st of August. And guess what. It’s cabaret themed! So break out all those cabaret DVDs we know you have hidden in the shoe box under your bed and start rehearsing your guilty little secret!

To book for any event, give as a call on 0203 274 3056, use our online booking form or just drop in and have a chat with us.

The footy is back!

From the outside, you many not think that the Frizzle even shows sports, but is just a family friendly pub that serves up a good helping of food. Well whilst we are a family friendly pub, we do show our sports! As you come into the pub and go behind the arch you’ll be welcomed to an array of big plasma TVs playing a whole host of sports.


Tennis gave way to the Rugby which gave way to the Ashes and we’re now onto the Football. The Premier League is in full swing, the UEFA Champions League in is in the qualifier round and all manner of sporting events are on show. Whether your team is unfortunate enough to be in the Second Division, lucky enough to be in the Premier League or a full blown star playing across Europe then we’re showing your match. And if we’re not showing it, just ask us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

To see what we are showing and when visit our events page for a full break down of everything that’s going on here at the Frizzle:


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